Bodyweight Training Progress

July 24, 2017

I <3 Handstands.




I fell in love with bodyweight training ever since I started breakdancing way back in my early teens. There was something so cool about having crazy body control and flexibility to me that training and working out began to make sense. I developed a purpose for my training and was instantly hooked on progressing with bodyweight exercises overtime.


I re-started my training officially about 4 months ago after spending a lot of time regaining lost flexibility, endurance, and movement patterns I once had down pact. Prior to this, I was diagnosed with a condition called hypogonadism that took me out of the game for about 2 years. I had a very serious health scare which caused a cascade of endocrine issues such as extremely low testosterone, low thyroid, low free testosterone, etc. Check this post for my story on that struggle. Prior to this diagnosis, I had developed a very good foundation of your basic bodyweight skills but didn't necessarily care too much about progressing further.


This time around, however, I'm taking all the knowledge I've gained from my studies and experiences to progress to the best of my ability. I'm talking going super sayain, nah'm sayin?




My programming has been pretty solid. Two upper body days, two lower body days, one yoga or movement workout, and one day of steady state of my choice, usually cycling.

  • Monday- Push/pull *horizontal focus*

  • Tuesday-Lower (dynamic) *sprint training*

  • Wednesday- Push/pull *vertical focus*

  • Thursday- Yoga or movement

  • Friday- Lower *heavy*

  • Saturday- Cardio *Run, Bike, Swim*

  • Sunday- Eat donuts and nap (refeed)

*3 week macro-cycle, followed by a 1 week deload of what ever I choose to do. I just make it fun and not very taxing.


So how's it working? HOW'S IT WORKING?!


During these 4 months I've:

  • added 20lbs to my dips,

  • added 25lbs to my push ups,

  • increased time spent in a strict hand stand +10 more seconds,

  • increased reps/sets for bar work, while adding 10 lbs to pull ups.

  • re-achieved good back levers,

  • improved front lever work greatly, almost there.

  • held L-sit using 10lb bumper plates (as a platform) for 10 seconds.

  • gained 3 lbs and clothes are getting looser- Big plus.

Injuries have been nonexistent (thank you yoga) even with intensity increasing each week.


Overall, I'm really excited about the progress which brings me to an important lesson I've learned in an attempt to gain back what I lost.


Patients+have fun=winning.


Spending a long time to get my joints ready and to re-learn proper pull up form has done wonders for my progression and I can't stress that enough to others wanting to get started with this type of training.


It's one thing to do the movement, but its a whole other beast to do it properly and frequently throughout the week.


Otherwise, heading into month 5 now and feeling excited for the 12 month mark to roll around :). Watch out Terry Crews.


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