Science Classes To Make You Go Mad

January 24, 2017

So.. I'm back. Why, Yes.. Back again. Heck- tell a friend.




Sorry Em, kinda stole that from you.


In all seriousness, I am back. Back in school. Being away for roughly a year has made me reflect back on all my undergraduate studies, the hours in the library, and the hours spent studying and self learning content in physics, chemistry, and biology.


Today while sitting in biochemistry lecture, I drifted off in La-La land thinking to myself,


"Huh... I wonder what the hardest most confusing, mind numbing, got that look on your face wondering why you're here class was in all my undergrad."


I think this is a funny thing to talk about amongst fellow pre-med/biomedical science majors because some science classes are tough for some, but not so tough for others.


So the debate is up everybody. Time to diss science and talk some trash. I'm ranking my top 3 worst science classes. Let's go.

#1 Physics

Ugh..... I could end it there. My physics experience was, well..



For starters, physics is weird if you've never taken a physics class before say in high school... or in life. It's basically the study of matter, motion, the laws of the universe, magnetism, waves, etc.


So what's the big deal? I mean, sure, I have a good grasp on basic calculus and I have some good swag finding "x", but physics was a beast I wasn't ready for at first.


Tests and quizzes had a time limit of 50 minutes and in that time you had to read the question, map out how to find 12 different variables, and if one of the numbers was wrong, you used the wrong equation, got a negative number instead of a positive, you were wrong.


The funny thing was you would realize half way through the problem if you were wrong because the number or approach you were taking wouldn't make sense although you were so sure it was in the beginning.


Let's pour one right now for the homies/homets in physics.

I went from a low D letter grade at midterm to a B after the final exam (I had to study my butt off- but it clicked after awhile). Although this was listed as #1 worst class, it was still one of my favorites.


#2 Genetics

Yah, surprise surprise. "But genetics was so easy!" I think NOT. It's absolutely true that a professor can either make or break your class. This class was broken from day 2 and scotch tape couldn't even fix it. An extremely interesting topic, also one of my favorite subjects, learning about human and bacterial heredity was pretty cool. However, self-teaching yourself about mutations, heredity, bacterial genes and how they behave, and why/how genes are transferred/masked wasn't the easiest task. We were taught a lot about zebrafish, however we weren't really tested on zebrafish. If you don't know what a zebrafish is, here's a cute picture.




#3 Organismal Biology

Yes this one made it on here. Why? Try memorizing all species of living organisms in the animal kingdom, their special features, how many of them exist, their ancestors, and their scientific names while taking organic chemistry and exercise physiology at once. Aww it's a woodpecker! WRONG! It's a Picoides.


One thing to note is that these classes aren't even at the tippy top of classes to make you go mad. Physical chemistry, higher level biochemistry, and who knows what else is still out there and I can only imagine the complexity.

So there you have it!! My top 3 make-you-go-mad science classes. Let me know what you think? What class was the GPA bomber for you? The debate is up. 



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