Love; My 2 Cents.

August 1, 2017



So awesome. It really is. Vibrational energy, attraction, and the power of the mind are such powerful tools we have to make each and every day blissful. Love, however, is like a double edged sword we've all encountered. No matter how hard we try, when we love, we become vulnerable. Vulnerable to what might happen when the other says one day, "I don't feel the same anymore" or, "I'm not happy with what we have."


Pure. Stomach. Drop.


And hey, it happens. Love is scary, but the most beautiful thing in this world at the same time. Love creates gratitude, appreciation, thankfulness, and kindness. We become better people by loving unconditionally and being vulnerable regardless of the situation or outcome.


What happens in relationships sometimes is very confusing. Two people who vibrate on the same level for quite sometime often hit a wall. Cheating, lying, and fighting might happen: opposite actions of love leaving the other left wondering what went wrong.


Regardless of these times, I think it's critical to remember why we love. We love because it's what we were born doing. We love because the vibration of love itself brings more love and good into our life and if anything, these people who challenge our love are only here to show us stronger versions of ourselves and what we do not want in our lives.


Loving somebody to me means loving them, but never forgetting your internal vibration or sense of self. I think often we can forget who we are and what we came on this earth to do when we get into a relationship. This can lead to doing things that are out of alignment to who we really are. This is like neglecting our internal sense of self causing anxiety, confusion, and more importantly lack of self love.


When we can remember that our internal emotional state is 100% our responsibility and that the greatest love we can ever feel is the love we have for ourselves, we begin to fly.


Too many times we rely on others for that feeling, and self love then begins to dwindle.


I've come to realize to never fear love. Know that the love you share is an amazing gift and is something that emanates from how you feel about yourself. Your vibe will always attract your tribe and surroundings so always remember to take care of that person in the mirror.

Love like there is no tomorrow.


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