August 1, 2017


Bags stacked high by the garage door

The boy wept loud as tears smacked the floor

“Don’t leave, don’t go. you’re leaving us why?!”

The mom stared blank no words no reply.

She thought for a moment, then opened her lips

“I need time away for a little bit.”


The boy’s mouth dropped, like a ball in a glove

you don’t take breaks from the ones that you love.

The tears continued to flow, like the falls of a brook

Mom was soon gone and the boys hands just shook

He lay there in panic, going insane

“Mom just left, is it I to blame?”

He punched holes in the wall, leaving gashes of blood

Even swearing the name of the big man above.


“Why me what did I ever do?!”

The boy continued the rage but all was still true

Knuckles stained red, blood smeared on his jeans

The tears stopped flowing, he dropped to his knees

He looked to his right, to the kitchen nearby

The glissening sharp knife caught the boy’s eye

His heart soon dropped his pupils spread wide

Death was not the answer the boy knew inside

He jumped up quick, all anger at hault.

“She left, so what.. That’s her damn fault.”

As the day passed by, and emotions became calm

The boy knew that life would go on.


Day’s turned into weeks, then quickly to years

High school was over and college was near.

Life was great, all goals achieved

The boy went through life bound to succeed

There was one day when the mom came back

Ambitions now clear and conscious intact.

She was happy, content, a new person she was

Eager to see the ones she onced loved.


Pulling up to the house, she left five years ago

She stepped out the car with her head hung low

She walked to the door, hesitant to knock

Afraid to see if the family would accept her or not

Before she could think, the door swung wide

The young boy jumped out, hugged her and cried

The mom was baffled and sat there in shock

Five years have passed, grew he had not.

She didn’t care and embraced the hug

feeling complete, content, now happy and loved



She closed her eyes and smiled so calm

“I love you son, ill never again be gone”

Life was now great, realizing what she overlooked

Out came the rest of the family and her head just shook

They gathered around, she was happy alright..

She continued to cry and hugged the boy tight

Tighter and tighter, not letting go

But when she opened her eyes her heart sunk low

The family was gone, no son to embrace

A chipped white wall stood close to her face

She lay there anxious, feeling alone

Caged like bird no place to call home

Curling under the covers, the room calm as a dove

“Never take breaks from the ones that you love.”
























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